Celiane the Voice is an artist with an operatic voice, an electronic soul, and a vision that blends seemingly disparate musical styles and pours them into a unique vision of technology and soul. Her art is an answer to what she sees as the mechanizing of humanity.”

Genine Tyson

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Celiane Has Done It Again!

Independent Music Artist, Celiane the Voice, Changes the Game & Disrupts the Industry!

"Celiane's unapologetic approach to music is refreshing. She readily admits that she isn't the typical age—or dress size—of today's popular music acts, but she sees that as a good thing. "I represent women who don't abide by the status quo. We like to color outside the lines and we redefine the rules on our own terms," said Celiane the Voice. Her level of self-confidence is infectious, and her vocal prowess speaks for itself."

Official News Media Press Release for Her song, "Inner Universe Reloaded"

Independent Music Artist, Celiane the Voice, gives us an open invitiation into her Inner UniversE

#BlackGirlMagic—Bay Area-based Indie Artist,
Celiane the Voice, released her new project, Inner Universe, this Spring as she blazes into the Summer with new music, new business ventures and a new stage show!

Official News Media Press Release

Independent Music Artist Diversifies Her Brand with Music, Merchandise, Movies and More!

Celiane the Voice has expanded her brand to include various media and creative projects. 

Official Press Release

Celiane the Voice

Experience the Technohuman 

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