Celiane sees technology as a tool, a pathway into a future where it serves the elevation of humankind – not the other way around. Blending the technological with the human while keeping our souls and connection is where true freedom lies and her music, which she dubs “Electronica Hip-Hopera”, is the vehicle to drive people to that promise land where we reach our full potential.”

Genine Tyson

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Where do we go from Here? 

Hey Love Warrior Nation, 

You are aware we are in an unprecedented time.  I don't want to bog you down with a lot of thoughts and words.  I just want to express my thoughts are with my fans and their families.  There are many out there getting sick. There are many that are not staying indoors and putting not only themselves in danger but also others.   We are giving those in charge reasons to take liberties away that belong to us. Don't.

This is a discomfort at this time, for a short while, makes it where we can all still have our freedoms. 

Think of others at this time and stay inside. Get plenty of rest, water and wash your hands.  But most importantly this is all ways we are showing love and respect for one another. 

I look forward to standing in front of my fans once again and celebrating with you!  

I can't do what I do without you!

Music Review from Tunedloud! 

Greetings Love Warriors, 


Yours truly has had the chance to have a review of my music.  It was a great experience and I wanted to share it with you.  One thing about being authentically you is that even though you are different, you love what you do and stay to yourself as an artist. 

Please read and enjoy!



You are the reason that I make music: to elevate your mind, elevate your spirit. Ascend love warriors.  


Celiane the Voice

Why Can't You? 

It is done, "Why Can't You?" is done!  I wanted to explain the heart of the song so that you may truly understand.  "Why Can't You?" is a call to action to self love.  It is telling someone that if they can't love you, you don't need them.  If you can't love yourself, then that is the greatest pain of all.  

Listen to the words and really understand and know you are loved beyond anything you can imagine, so love you.  And if they can't love you, you will miss them.

These lyrics mixed with the ecletic sound of electronica and hip hop with a beautiful, timeless classical drenched voice.  I loved making this song and I thank you for sharing this journey with me.