Stand Strong

Hello Love Warrior Nation!


I want to start off saying how grateful and proud I am to stand right beside you!  I know that this time is a time of stress and many are having a hard time but think of those that are sick and those that are negatively affected by this virus.  While others are busy pointing fingers, instead, love should be the only thing on our minds. 

When I speak of love I mean support, lending a hand and heart, giving when you can and receiving the help when you need it. These things are hard to.  If everyone gives, no one has to suffer alone.  If every one steps up and stands, all the voices will be heard. I told you a new wave of consciousness is coming and that is just what I meant.

When the thought changes, actions change; when the perception changes then the hearts will change.  When the hearts change they will see that only together we can stand; only together we can shake the world and together in love can change this matrix in a way they have never seen.

I came here knowing humans had the potential to do great things, it is time we show them.


Stay healthy and stay safe.   Think of others and stop the spread.  Appreciate and thank our medical heroes on the front lines.  They allow us to breathe another day.


Always remember Love Warriors, You are love! 

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