Celiane the Voice is issuing a challenge to show love to one another for 7 days, February 7th to February 14th!

You have a chance to win prizes and get a special shot-out by Celiane the Voice! You may even win a free ticket to a show when Celiane comes to your area!  (Restrictions are in place due to Covid guidelines and any free tickets to a show means it is redeemable when venues open back up!)  

In this challenge, everyday you will be given a good deed to accomplish daily!


Office Rules: 

NOTE:  You need to complete it safely via Covid Guidelines of wearing a mask and maintaining the 6 feet distance; and it must we done with a different person for each day.

1. You need to take a picture or video of you doing the task

2. Post it with a caption and add the hashtag: #7daysoflove, #celianevoice and # if you can, the name of who you did the challenge to. 


*You get an extra bonus if you get the person you did a good deed for, to do their own challenge and post the picture here as well with the proper hashtags. 


Where Do I Post?  

All pictures/videos will be shared on Celiane the Voice's Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/celianeWML and for extra bonus if you share to Instagram (@celianevoice)  you get a shout out and possible additional prizes!

How Do I know I won a prize?

A member of Team Celiane will contact you via social media. 

How are winners chosen?

Winners are chosen at random, but the quality in how the task was completed helps get you more noticed to win a prize!

What Covid guidelines do I follow?

You are to do whatever the CDC suggest to keep you and your friend safe.   You MUST have a mask on your face and distance 6 feet in the picture or video in order to win a prize.   Safety first at all times for both yourself and who you are around. 

 Is there a disclaimer?

Yes, please read Disclaimer below. 


This is all about paying it forward and spreading love the way we should be! 

Terms and Disclaimers

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 Non-Responsibility Disclaimer:

Celiane the Voice, Michele Jones and Celiane Inc.  are not to be held liable or responsible for any physical harm, fatalities or other damages to any persons, property or belongings for not following the rules appropriately and safely. of the specified challenges.   All tasks, acts or rendering of services have been outlined above to follow all CDC guidelines and personal  safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as we will not be held accountable of any physical harm occurred by unsafe physical, mental, emotional and psychological behavior imposed upon another in falsehood of performing a challenge.   We will not be held accountable for harms (physical, social, emotional or psychological) in completing the challenges.  Though none should occur, however we cannot forsee unpredictable events or freak accidents.  All participants agree to idemnify, "Celiane the Voice",  "Michele Jones" and "Celiane Inc."  from litigation, mediation and arbitration against any and all liabilities.  All participants, by the act  of participation in the event agree to hold harmless "Celiane the Voice",  "Michele Jones" and all members of "Celiane Inc."   We do not agree with nor encourage unsafe behavior putting yourself, the personage of others and the general public at risk health wise or partaking in unsafe physical stunts, psychological conditioning or emotional abuse tactics causing harm or stress on another.   Use respectful and safe judgement when executing these challenges that enhance the wellbeing and good will of another.